Modular Buildings and Enclosures

A versatile and efficient approach to noise attenuation

What is Modular Design?

Compared to a conventional rigid-frame building design, the utilization of a ‘building block’ assembly process is an ideal method for addressing challenging construction situations. Modular design allows for a higher level of customization while still providing the functionality of a traditional framed structure. Field installation is quick and efficient, with less operational downtime.

Unlike a rigid-frame building, modular enclosures are designed to be as adaptable as possible, focusing on the flexibility and versatility that other structural designs cannot equally provide.

The modules are pre-fabricated as larger segments of the final structure, which are then shipped to the customer site and pieced together from the foundation up. Using a crane, these self-contained segments are set onto the building’s foundation and jointed together to make a single structure.
Each of our models are engineered to meet any shipping constraints, building codes, and snow and wind loads.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast field install by skilled, certified and reputable field crew
  • Reduced field costs
  • Quick and easy to disassemble and relocate
  • Upgradealbe options, such as acoustical, ventilation, operations
  • Compatible with future noise control adders
  • Designed to any single compressor application
  • Each structure is made to order, based on customer’s equipment and acoustic requirements

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